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Personalize your Bigbelly units with graphic wraps & stickers

Promote your Brand or public message with your own company colour, logo or mission statement and gain visibility. Our Creative Designers are happy to help you with your designs to ensure the best visual for your company. However, you can also provide your own design and our team will be more than happy to install it prior to deployment.

  • Tamper resistant to avoid unauthorized removal

  • Weather & corrosion resistant

  • Factory installed prior to deployment

  • Stations can be wrapped on all side

Explore your own designs


Leverage your smart waste and recycling stations as an eye-catching messaging platform with full-color laminate wraps. The stations hold valuable real estate on sidewalks, campuses, parks, ports, and facilities. Customize wraps to promote your city, university or organization brand, public service announcements, sponsorships, advertising, and more.

Any configuration of High Capacity and Standard Capacity models can be wrapped on all sides (front, sides, back). Our design consultants will help you with your design, or you can provide your own. Anti-graffiti options are also available for use in commonly vandalized areas.

Take advantage of your deployment’s valuable messaging real estate without do not feel tied down to a single message or graphic. Message panels are perfect if you plan to change out your messaging or advertising regularly for events, seasonal campaigns, or rotating public service announcements.

Stickers provide you with a smaller, customizable graphic intended to be permanent – be it branding, recycling directions, or a sponsor highlight. Oftentimes your branding and logo pair well with rotating message panels for a powerful, lasting design.

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