Maintain a cleaner campus
with Smart waste management solutions

Smart waste management for Universities & Colleges

Colleges & Universities strive to deploy solutions that keep their campus clean, showcase commitment to sustainability, and solve meaningful operational problems with data.

Campuses can take advantage of required public waste infrastructure as a holding place for other technology and applications such as Wi-Fi Hotspots, location-based beacon networks, and environmental sensors. Multi-purposing the smart waste system eases logistics and further enhances the campus with improved services.

  • Offer a better impression of the campus

  • Configure Bigbelly stations according to the campus needs

  • Display the right messages & campaigns to the students

  • Add additional technologies to boost your university

Discover where to install Smart waste management systems in a College or University

Smart Bin Vancouver

University entrance & public spaces

Colleges have a unique opportunity to implement sustainable solutions at scale that make a lasting difference. Schools deploy Bigbelly throughout campus for a uniform campus-wide recycling system that measures diversion rates and provides a messaging platform to reinforce proper disposal. This visible initiative showcases your commitment to be a more environmentally responsible institution. The units can be installed at the entrance of the university and also in all common areas.

Start saving with cost-effective waste collections