Future Street works with Smart Cities across Europe to implement Bigbelly smart waste management programs to drive citizen engagement and operational productivity.

Modernising Public Waste Management with Bigbelly

Future Street works with cities across Europe to deploy the Bigbelly Smart Waste system in public spaces. These communities install smart, sensor-equipped waste stations that communicate real-time status to collection crews to enable efficiencies. The cloud-connected and web-based platform delivers actionable insights into waste operation.

Streamlined Operations &
Collection Efficiencies

Reduce collections by 70-80% on average and subsequent decreased liner usage, labour hours, vehicle wear, and fuel consumption
Informed decision making and operational planning with real-time data and analytics in CLEAN Management Console software
Increase productivity & route efficiency with optimised collections and reallocated resources.

Beautified Public Spaces &
Improved Quality of Life 

Transform cleanliness & aesthetics by keeping waste contained & eliminate visible waste, windblown litter, overflows, and critter access
Cleaner, greener, safer streetscapes with a reduced bin footprint (less bin clutter) and reduced refuse truck traffic, noise & congestion
Remove waste as a food source for critters and birds: a proven strategy to reduce rodents in public parks

Sustainable Practices &
Reduced Carbon Footprint

Introduce and increase public space recycling program with multiple streams at each point of disposal & tracked diversion data
Reduce carbon footprint and CO2 emissions with fewer truck rolls, fuel consumption, and air pollution when meaningfully deployed
Less littered public spaces for an overall cleaner, more sustainable environment thanks to total containment & smart collection routine

Streetscapes & Sidewalks

Cities leverage Bigbelly across every neighbourhood in town – from offering free public Wifi in the outlying communities suffering a digital divide, to hosting wireless equipment in dense urban areas facing a bandwidth deficit. All communities that deploy Bigbelly units know that their public spaces will be kept clean and litter-free for constituent enjoyment. Moreover, collection crews reduce waste & recycling collections by 70-80% on average.


Councils use Bigbelly to enhance streetscape aesthetics and keep constituents engaged. Cleaner, safer, and less congested pedestrian areas are made available. Deploy public space Wifi to engage visitors to the area, a location-based beacon network to drive customers to local businesses, and people counting sensors to refine service delivery based on traffic patterns through the area.


Parks create more compelling, vibrant public areas for constituents to gather and entice visitors to stay longer. Total containment ensures waste stays in and pests stay out to create cleaner, safer parks for all. With Bigbelly stations, citizens and visitors can enjoy Internet access via public space Wifi hotspots and find localised information in clean, critter-free environments. These hard-to-reach locations avoid the disruption typically required to run power and fiber through greenspace for additional services.

Public Transit Systems

Ensure that riders have a positive experience while waiting or disembarking the bus, train, or tram with Bigbelly. Deploy Wifi hotspots in waste stations nearby to deliver public Internet access for access to schedules during the wait. Add a location-based beacon network to target nearby businesses, attractions, and events. Built-in compaction and knowing exactly which stations to collect, removes the common challenges of overflows and unnecessary collections of empty bins.

Waterfront: Harbours, Ports & Beaches

Waterfront areas use Bigbelly to keep the walkways clean and waste out of the water. Visitors enjoy beautiful ports, harbours, and beaches that are free of waste, and where seagulls are kept at bay. In addition, the platform can deliver public Wifi service to enhance the visitor’s experience and enable waterfront visitors to linger longer in a connected environment. Collection crews spend time on more meaningful work with up to 80% fewer collections.

Adoption of Smart Cities is constantly on the rise for deployment of smart waste management solutions. More than 70% of the world’s population will live in towns and cities by 2050, and the next decade is expected to see nearly 50% increase in global waste generation.

Source: Global Data, Research Nester

Make Bigbelly Locations Multi-Purpose as Hosting Location for Smart Applications & Telecom