We are Future Street Ltd.

The Exclusive Distributor for the Bigbelly brand and product line in 15+ Territories across Europe.
We specialise in Smart Waste and Smart City Solutions.

Our Mission & Story

Future Street Ltd. is the exclusive distributor of the Bigbelly Smart Waste Platform in over 15+ Territories across Europe. Future Street is proud to represent and provide the #1 world leading Bigbelly Smart Waste Platform to customers across our regions.

Future Street Ltd. was founded in May 2018 and is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. Future Street aims to introduce, establish, and deliver smart and sustainable solutions to cities, universities, and facilities across these regions.

With over 50,000 units installed worldwide, the Bigbelly system is revolutionising street waste collection across Europe and internationally. Completely self-powered, Bigbelly stations use solar power for 100% of its energy needs and because of its compaction capability it can hold six to eight times more waste than your average street bin. Increased capacity dramatically reduces collection trips by an average of 86%.

Future Street extends Bigbelly’s mission to transform one of the least efficient and resource-intensive industries: the waste collection industry! Cities around the world have a habit on collecting their bins too often, ineffectively wasting fuel & labour costs as well as resources, whilst pointlessly emitting excess CO2. Alternatively they struggle to keep up with the continuously growing demands of overflowing bins, leading to unpleasant city-streets, but also health, vermin and health issues.

Future Street Limited endeavours to beautify your streets! We offer your city the Bigbelly platform to join the ‘smart city circle’, progressively moving forward together in order to prolong the lifespan of our planet. Future Street delivers the uniquely positioned Bigbelly platform to smart cities. Together, we transform operations, drive efficiencies, increase productivity, and improve quality of life, profitably.

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The Industry Leaders Behind Future Street Limited

Don Coughlan

Chief Executive Officer

Garrett Owens

Chief Financial

Gerry Cosgrave

Chief Operating Officer

Derek Davis

Sales Director

Careers at Future Street

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