Bigbelly Compactor Bin

Bigbelly’s HC5 model is the original smart bin that created the smart bin sector and is the only smart, solar-powered waste compactor that works in any location, thanks to Skip-A-CycleTM patented energy management technology. In its fifth generation design, the HC5, the worlds most deployed smart bin with tens of thousands of units globally has been field proven in the largest cities across the globe.

The HC5 delivers 600 litres of capacity, up to 8X a traditional waste bin. Total containment ensures that trash is kept in and pests stay out for cleaner spaces.


  • Reduces the number of collections by up to 80% and collection costs by 75%

  • Cuts down CO2 emissions, produces huge fuel savings, and reduces the need for collection trucks

  • Real time data monitored through our Clean Wast Management Software to optimize collections

  • GPS enabled and protected against vandalism

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Its 100% solar powered and only requires 8 hours of daylight for one month’s power requirements.

The sunlight collected by this solar panel is converted into energy and stored in a battery so that the Bigbelly can function even when there is no sunlight. Once fully charged it can operate up to four weeks regardless of weather. The solar panel is protected by a polycarbonate shield that is highly resistant to external influences.

The solar panel is a polycrystalline silicon cell PV module with a High Energy 40 watt capacity. The panel is protected by a durable polycarbonate bubble. This powers a spill-proof, sealed maintenance-free battery, making the BigBelly entirely self-powering.

An internal compactor increases the litter capacity by 6 – 8 times that of a normal street bin.
Compaction enables maximum capacity of 600 litres rising. Standard street bins hold 80-100 litres
Compacted litter is recyclable.
Electronic sensor trigger compaction.
Average weights = 12.5 Kg
Weights can be reduced or increased remotely.
Customer is not locked-out during compaction cycle – Security.

Designed & proven to be street tough. No pry points or external fasteners. Can handle excessive hammer blows to latch & lock. Comprehensively and successfully tested by Councils for vandalism and for health & safety regulations since 2003.

Intrinsically safe, mechanically impossible to get hand or arm in compactor. Zero injuries in 14 years.

Patent pending foot pedal. Opens hopper in a controlled manner, eliminating the risk of dangerous bodily impact.

The Bigbelly is manufactured with galvanized sheet metal steel interior frame structure. The door and back panel are made of galvanized sheet metal and the side panels are made from recycled truck bumpers and tyres incorporating a polyester TGIC powder-coat finish for salt spray durability. This makes the stations extremely robust, and in the case of damage, individual panels can be replaced, greatly reducing costs to the customer.

Designed to withstand everyday dents and scratches. Anti-stick properties enable easy cleaning.  Easy to replace if damaged.

Designed to withstand 20lb sledge-hammer blows without compromising integrity or damage to solar panel.

Designed, tested and proven to handle rough operations for 1,000s of cycles. Automatically locks when closed.


Wheellie Bin Compatible with trucks

Wheeled Comb-style Bin Liner

This liner is designed to alleviate the need for manual lifting of rubbish, as it can be wheeled to the collection location. Also, it can be used with a standard bin-collection truck allowing the automation of collection.

Wheeled Interior Lift Bin:

For customers using semi-automated lift arm collection vehicles, Bigbelly offers a durable and ergonomic wheeled lift bin for High Capacity compacting stations. Refuse collection trucks with a semi-automated lift arm loader features a lift arm compatible with wheeled bins. This collection technique eases collection work while reducing the risk of injury due to lifting or manually handling heavy waste bins.

The Wheeled Interior Lift Bin features a patented telescopic design which allows it to be identical in size to a standard interior bin when collapsed then expand vertically to support a semi automated lift-arm interface.

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  • Let our staff take care of all the mantainance

  • Take advantage of our Clean Waste Management Software


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